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Dr Jon Draper obtained his B.Sc. (Hons) in Anatomy and Cell Biology at the University of Sheffield. He then completed a Ph.D. in Developmental and Cell Biology (2003, University of Sheffield, UK; Supervisor: Professor Peter Andrews) with a thesis that focused on the characterization of human pluripotent stem cells, at a time when little was known about these important cells.

Jon's postdoctoral studies were carried out in the Toronto laboratories of Dr. Andras Nagy, Mount Sinai Hospital, and Dr. Janet Rossant, Hospital for Sick Children, during which he perfected techniques for genetically modifying human pluripotent stem cells and studying the concomitant effects of gene manipulation upon the differentiation of these important cells.

Jon started his lab in the McMaster Stem Cell and Cancer Research Institute in February 2008, and is an associate professor in the department of Pathology and Molecular Medicine, and the department of Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences at McMaster University.

Dr Draper holds the Canada Research Chair in Human Stem Cell Lineage Commitment.