Molecular biology links:

Amazonia -  gene expression microarray database

BioGPS - gene portal - converts identifiers from one database to another

bioDBnet - converts identifiers from one database to another

COSMIC - catalogue of somatic mutations in cancer (cell line DB)

CRISPR resources - design tools

E-Cripsr - Crispr design

Ensembl - genome search resource

GenePaint - In situ hybridization database of gene expression in mouse embryo

Genevestigator - RNA-seq and microarray expression database and analysis

GENT - Gene Expression across Normal and Tumor tissue

Human Protein Atlas - protein expression database

MethPrimer - design bisulfite-conversion-based Methylation PCR Primers

MULAN - cross-species DNA alignments

Oncomine - cancer data mining tool

PASTAA - predicts Transcription Factors (TFs) regulating defined set of genes

Pigeon - design visualization tools for synthetic biology

QUMA - Quantitation tool for methylation analysis

UCSC Genome browser - home of BLAT etc



Imaging and flow cytometry:

Fiji - A curated ImageJ distribution

I love GFP - List of fluorescent protein properties

MBF plugins for ImageJ

Spectral viewer


Info and protocols

Data Visualisation Tools

StemBook - useful compendium of stem cell protocols



Addgene - plasmid repository

TCAG - BACs and cDNAs